Terrazzo Coffeehouse

The perfect side to that amazing cup of coffee

What good is a cuppa joe without a breakfast sandwich to enjoy it with? Or your favorite lunchtime smoothie without a cheeseburger?

McCreary's and Terrazzo have solved that quandary for you by partnering up your two favorite things about the day: Coffee and Food!

Now you can find McCreary's food all day, Monday through Saturday, at your favorite local coffeehouse so stop by Terrazzo's on Grand in Spencer for a bite to eat and your favorite drink today! Visit the Terrazzo website for more information.

Slice of Heaven

Slice of Heaven

Pie & Coffee

A slice of Heaven every afternoon from 2p-4p at Terrazzo Coffeehouse! Fresh, homemade pies paired with your favorite coffee drink!

You never know what pies are available, but some we have baked are:
Apple Crumb
Toll House Chocolate

Stop by...feel free to put in a request! We want to bake what you want to eat!

Brisket on Monday!

Brisket on Monday!

Every Monday, we will be offering a Brisket Sandwich at Terrazzo Coffeehouse from 11a-8p. The cost is $9 and your sandwich comes with an order of Home Fries. It's a great way to start the week!

Back by Popular Demand...

Breaded Pork Tenderloins on Thursdays!

Pork Tenderloin Sandwiches are back on Thursdays so you can grab yours for either lunch or dinner, whenever the time is right for you! Served with our tasty wedge fries it makes a great meal. Grab your lunch date and stop by!

Saturday Night Treat - Gyros!

Saturdays are the best day of the work, all play...and now we've got gyros to enjoy as well! Stop by for lunch or dinner and enjoy a Gyro with our new home-fried chips! A great combination for a great day!

    Owners:Mark and Cassie McCreary

    Address:605 N Grand, Spencer, IA

    Phone:(712) 240-0298 | Alt: (712) 240-0299