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You better come hungry...

You better come hungry...

The Dock Daily Specials
Monday 9/14
Lunch - Deep fried grilled cheese, stuffed shells, cowboy potatoes, and peas & carrots
Supper - Chicken Parmesan, Kentucky bake, stuffing, and California medley
Dessert - White cake w/chocolate chips
Soup - Ham & Potato

Tuesday 9/15
Lunch - Pork & mushroom stir fry, wild rice & broccoli, rice pudding, and green peppers & onions
Supper - Chicken strips, pizzagna, hashbrown, and pork 'n' beans
Dessert - Banana bites
Soup - Chicken Chili

Wednesday 9/16
Lunch - Hot beef sandwich, cheese ravioli, mashed potatoes, and corn
Supper - Egg roll in a bowl, meatball stroganoff, fried rice, and stir fry vegetables
Dessert - Double dipped donuts
Soup - Meatball

Thursday 9/17
Lunch - Mini pizza, goulash, ranch potatoes, and green beans
Supper - Stuffed peppers, chili mac, roasted baby reds, and button mushrooms
Dessert - Lava brownies
Soup - Beef & Noodle  

Friday 9/18
Lunch - Tuna salad wrap, buffalo chicken bake, scalloped potatoes, and mixed vegetables
Supper - Brats w/kraut, french onion mac 'n' cheese, boy scout potatoes, and cowboy beans
Dessert - German chocolate cake
Soup - Cheesy Potato 

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We serve breakfast from 8a-10a. We are also have a full menu for lunch and supper!

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    Owners:Mark and Cassie McCreary

    Address:605 N Grand, Spencer, IA

    Phone:(712) 240-0298 | Alt: (712) 240-0299